Use FileCopy utility to copy files in non-blocking mode.

DOS copy command, JAL's FileCopy statement, VBScript's CopyFile method, Windows API FileCopy functions; all of them have the same common feature: they lock files during file copy operations. As a result of that, you can experience various file sharing problems if you schedule multiple jobs that use the same file.

DownloadDownload FileCopy.exe (16 KB).

The FileCopy utility provides a workaround for the file sharing issue.

Here is description of the supported command line parameters:

Usage: FileCopy source destination [/M mode] [/S start] [/L length]

Command line parameters:

source Name of the source file
destination Name of the destination file

Optional parameters:
/M mode Share mode, one of the following: 1, 2
Mode 1 allows file read/write operations, this is the default mode. Mode 2 allows file read operations only, prevents writes
/S start Starting position in the source file. Default is 0, which is to start copying from the beginning of the source file
/L length Number of bytes to copy, default is to copy entire file.
If start + length value exceeds file size, FILECOPY copies available bytes only.

Run FileCopy.exe without parameters from the DOS command prompt to see full description of the supported parameters.