24x7 Event Server 2.0

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  24x7 Event Server - System and Application Monitoring and Automation
24x7 Event Server can monitor all aspects of your systems and applications. It can reliably automate all kinds of event response processing. The following are some common uses for the 24x7 Event Server:
  • Network and System Administration
  • Help Desk Support
  • Workflow Application Automation
  • Backup Monitoring
  • Security Monitoring and Auditing

For additional ideas check out  24x7 Event Server examples section.

24x7 Event Server is a flexible and relentless watchdog. It can detect occurrences of single point-in-time events such as error record or security alert written to system event log, CPU usage or free disk space reaching pre-defined threshold level, startup or shutdown of a specific service or application, and many other. It can also detect persistent or recurring events such as applications consuming too much CPU for a certain period of time, database or web server slow responses to user requests, hanged backup processes and many other. 24x7 Event Server supports a number of event response processing methods, so once it detects an event and alerts you to potentially damaging situations it can then take automated corrective actions like restarting failed application or service, running a fix-it user-defined script and more. 24x7 Event Server provides straightforward wizard-driven user interface that is easy to use and quick to learn. No special training is required.

Here is a brief list of events types that can be monitored and automated:

  • Database data or performance change
  • Database not available
  • Dial-up connection start
  • Dial-up connection stop
  • Disk free space threshold
  • Dr. Watson error
  • File change (size or time)
  • File deletion
  • File size threshold
  • Folder changes (generic event)
  • New email message
  • New fax message received
  • New fax message sent
  • New file
  • New NT event log record
  • New SMNP trap
  • New text log file record
  • NT event log size threshold
  • Process hung
  • Process start
  • Process termination
  • Registry changes
  • Screen saver activation
  • Screen saver deactivation
  • Remote server down
  • Remote TCP service down (FTP, Telnet, HTTP, etc...)
  • Service start
  • Service stop
  • Syslogs (Unix/Linux systems, firewalls, network switches and routers, etc...)
  • System performance threshold (CPU, disk I/O, etc...)
  • System shutdown
  • Text log file size threshold
  • User logon (network user logon)
  • User logout (network user logout)
  • Web server slow response (slow response to HTTP requests)
  • Window appearance
  • Window disappearance
  • Windows Management Instrumentation events (WMI)
  • Custom event monitors (script, batch or program)

24x7 Event Server provides you with advanced event auditing and reporting capabilities. It can log all detected events and performed actions to a centralized database, which allows you to monitor and control multiple computers and the entire network from a single location. It gives you enterprise-wide view of your IT systems and operations. Using this information and built-in diagnostic reports you can easily track global security problems, network congestions and outages, as well as any other global problems that may appear in your distributed production environment. This information can be also used to analyze system usage and performance trends, monitor and fine-tune your production workload balancing and a lot more.

24x7 Event Server includes a large collection of pre-built graphical reports complete with charts, tabular data, user-defined filters that provide detailed reports on all detected events, system event logs, system and application performance, services, user activity and a lot more. You can also create your own reports using any reporting tool of your choice should you not find one of the pre-built reports suitable for your requirements.

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Pricing and Upgrade Options
Other Information
Last version: (build 2065)
Release date: April 9, 2006

Technical specifications:

Disk space - event-server service - 2 MB
                       full install - 12 MB
Memory - 128 MB ,  CPU - Pentium or compatible
OS - Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP/2003/Vista
For syslog monitoring any system or device capable to generate and forward syslog events compatible with RFC-3164 protocol.

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