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Another Medical Records Breach

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about medical identity theft. As Johns Hopkins is a DB Audit Expert customer, I was curious to understand the motivation for the rash of recent medical records breaches. It’s been a very busy summer for hackers targeting healthcare providers. All indications are that they’ve found a fertile hunting ground.

The University of California-San Diego Moores Cancer Center is the latest victim to go public. Hackers broke into UCSD's Moores Cancer Center computers June 26 and gained access to personal information of 30,000 patients.  The San Diego Union Tribune is reporting that UCSD has notified 30,000 individuals that their personal information may have been stolen by hackers. Patients' names, dates of birth, medical record numbers and diagnoses were exposed, but only 36 of the files contained Social Security numbers, the report states. UCSD officials say their notification letter elicited a number of inquiries from those concerned about identity theft. As of last week, more than 750 people had called into the UCSD hotline established for breach victims.  
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