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Facebook Security Concerns

Security firm Trend Micro has been researching malicious practices on Facebook, and has discovered numerous rogue apps on the social networking site. They've been alerting Facebook of them as they find them, but apparently more keep popping up as fast as they are eliminated.

The apps come cleverly disguised, as the most effective phishing attacks do. With all of the apps circulating around Facebook, it's got to be pretty difficult to keep track of which are legitimate. Perhaps even scarier is that some seemingly legitimate apps are being modified for malicious intent.

All you can do is be careful where you click, and what info you're giving away when you do click. SoftTree offers the following advice:

Always check the URL displayed in your browser’s address bar before entering any sensitive information. Also check the true destination of a link before clicking it, by hovering your mouse pointer over it. If it looks suspicious, don’t click it. Also, if you’re a Facebook user, now would be a good time to go and review your privacy settings and clear out any applications you no longer use.


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