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Multi-Platform Database Development; How are Your Migration Skills?
Calculating a dollar value per line of code (LOC) generated by a programmer is somewhat archaic these days. None the less the Legacy 2 Future Consulting Group states that Gartner Group Estimates the cost somewhere between $6 to $26, Forrester estimates the cost to be $20, IBM estimates the to be $30, and An Integrated Approach to Software Engineering (2005) by Pankaj Jalote estimates the cost between $8 and $25. So roughly the cost per line of code would be $20. Assuming a prog... (more)
Are you a database security expert?
Here is a quick 5-point quiz: In Microsoft SQL Server, a login named LOGIN_1 is running an application associated with application role ROLE_A in database DB1. This role ROLE_A is explicitly denied SELECT permissions on table DBO.TABLE_C stored in the same database. However, in the same database user USER_B is mapped to LOGIN_1 and this database user is explicitly granted SELECT permissions for the same table. Can LOGIN_1 read data from table DBO.TABLE_C before it activates the app... (more)
Comparison of Database Security Models
In this post I'm going to compare security models of 5 popular database servers - Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, and Sybase ASE. Database servers typically provide multiple layers of security, including: data access controls, internal and external user authentication, in database data encryption, backup file encryption, data access auditing, user activity auditing, and other. While internal data storage organizations of each compared database server and the available security layers are v... (more)
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