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Oracle Users Struggle With Patch Management
In the most recent copy of DB Tools for Oracle SoftTree introduced a new patch management system – DB Patch Expert.   DB Patch Expert provides a tool for DBAs to keep pace with Oracle’s frenetic pace. The database giant issued 41 security patches for its products in January, and another 43 in April. As our customers prepare for another round of quarterly patches, we ask this question: How many of these patches have your organization deployed this year?   If you an... (more)
Medical Identity Theft - And you thought fixing a credit report was a pain in the shorts.
The rash of recent medical record breaches caused me to ask myself “what’s the reason?” Surely there must be easier ways to steal someone’s personal information. “There must be something going on here that I don’t yet understand,” I thought. So I started to research the issue and was stunned to learn of a fast-growing crime known as medical identity theft.    The most recent statistics on the crime is a 2007 federal report that cites more than 250,000 Americans a y... (more)
Product Review: SoftTree's DB Tools for Oracle
Introduction - what is it you want to do From a casual observer's point of view, SoftTree's DB Tolls for Oracle might appear to be a smorgasbord, miscellany, or mixed bag of database tools. But in fact SoftTree's DB Tools for Oracle offers a wide variety of well integrated database administrator focused applications to get work done. Many tools on the market today, DB Tools included, are geared towards predictive analysis, trend watching, or finding resou... (more)
How do you prevent a database breach?
With recent high-profile information theft (AKA database attacks), many of SoftTree’s clients are realizing that it’s not enough to secure their networks but it’s also necessary to put a watchdog on the databases which house the company’s crown jewels. As the recent Johns Hopkins breach demonstrates, preventing external breaches isn’t enough. Equally important is monitoring for internal sabotage, especially in the current economic situation where employees may be tempted to sell pe... (more)
When will they learn? 2 more data breaches.
The hits just keep coming, sorry – watching the Phillies vs. the Padres, I’m getting a little punchy, but I had to finish this post. Two more companies recently informed New Hampshire’s Attorney General that it had experienced a data breach. Online retailer Batteries.com said in a letter to New Hampshire's Attorney General on May 18 that hackers breached its server in February, stealing names, addresses and credit card information. Some customers whose data was ... (more)
When will they learn? 2 more data breaches.
Bryan, Nice to finally see a BLOG. Great post. Please aks Dmitriy to contribute more content. I enjoy reading your posts, but Dmitriy is briliant. He's a DBAs DBA. FYI, It really doesn't take much to sell management on the risk mitigation benefits of DB Audit. I use the product to protect 9 database servers. Our cost to do that was less than the $10K figure you cited, but I understand why you choose a higher number. Thanks for making a great product. ... (more)
Breach Suit Targets Security Auditor
Security services companies suddenly have a new worry – litigation that seeks to hold them accountable for the accuracy of their audits Security services companies suddenly have a new worry – litigation that seeks to hold them accountable for the accuracy of their audits. Merrick Bank, a Utah-based bank is suing Savvis, the security auditor that certified CardSystems Solutions had met the Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP) standards. CISP is the precurs... (more)
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