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Three Face Jail Time for HIPAA Violations
For years the HIPAA regulations have been criticized as “lacking any teeth” because no one had ever been sentenced to prison. That perception may change in the not too distant future. Two former hospital employees and a doctor plead guilty to misdemeanor violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in a Little Rock federal court yesterday, reports ArkansasBusiness.com. They were accused of inappropriately accessing the medical files of Anne Press... (more)
Another Medical Records Breach
A couple of weeks ago I wrote about medical identity theft. As Johns Hopkins is a DB Audit Expert customer, I was curious to understand the motivation for the rash of recent medical records breaches. It’s been a very busy summer for hackers targeting healthcare providers. All indications are that they’ve found a fertile hunting ground. The University of California-San Diego Moores Cancer Center is the latest victim to go public. Hackers broke into UCSD's Moores Cancer Center c... (more)
New Biometrics Law Proposed
A law that would establish a database for storing the biometric data of all Israeli citizens was approved for second and third readings by a legislative committee yesterday, reports Israeli National News. The Biometric Documents Identification Law would require every Israeli to submit fingerprints and facial profiles to the government. The information would be stored in an Interior Ministry database and would also be embedded into Israelis' identity documents. Government offici... (more)
Database Security - The First 3 Steps
It seems I can't catch up with my news feeds. This morning I saw a recent post on Dark Reading that caught my eye- Your First Three Steps for database security. As these are supposed to be your first steps with database security, I thought I’d relate the following stages to the capabilities inherent in DB Audit Expert.   The first stage -- locating the databases themselves. The second stage to securing your database environment is to enumerate the data con... (more)
Auditing Privileged Accounts
Without question, the most common technical use of DB Audit Expert is to keep tabs on privileged account activities. Privileged accounts represent an enormous threat to enterprises because these accounts can breach personal data, complete unauthorized transactions, cause denial-of-service attacks, and hide activity by deleting audit data. Privileged accounts associated with database ownership are required for emergency access scenarios as well as more mundane day-to-day tasks. While im... (more)
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