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Facebook Security Concerns
Security firm Trend Micro has been researching malicious practices on Facebook, and has discovered numerous rogue apps on the social networking site. They've been alerting Facebook of them as they find them, but apparently more keep popping up as fast as they are eliminated. The apps come cleverly disguised, as the most effective phishing attacks do. With all of the apps circulating around Facebook, it's got to be pretty difficult to keep track of which are legitimate. Perhaps even scarier is... (more)
Will MySQL Survive
Will Oracle kill MySQL or slowly fold it into its own database? Common sense suggests that Oracle will gain in the database space from owning MySQL. Sun had a huge SMB base for this product and a steady revenue stream of about 3% of its revenues accrued from this product. MySQL represents an opportunity for Oracle to garner additional revenue from the subscription license base but the company needs to position MySQL clearly in the context of its existing database offerings. MySQL will also give ... (more)
Are You Ready to Comply with the New Massachusetts Data Security Regulations?
The Massachusetts data security regulations are coming. ARE YOU READY? Hear Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley address the sweeping changes that are in store when the law goes into effect in January 2010. Register for a special IAPP preconference workshop, The New Massachusetts Privacy Law: What Does It Mean for You? on Wednesday, September 16. If this strikes a cord, you may want to stay for a special breakout session on Thursday, Massachusetts Data Security Regulations: ... (more)
What is Cloud Computing?
Cloud computing is the latest inflexion point that corporare CIOs must consider when planning how to develop and deploy new services and applications. This is important to SoftTree because database technology and administration processes must evolve as new computing models emerge, inevitably raising questions about selecting the right database technology to match the new requirements. In this first of serveral posts, I'll define what SoftTree understands the "the cloud" to represent. The clo... (more)
Security in the Cloud
I just read this week that the city of LA is considering the use of Google Apps for storing and processing government data rather than upgrading their internal IT infrastructure. Will data stored by the government at the cloud come back to bite us in the shorts? This is really an interesting announcement, especially in light of the recent Twitter incident and the breach at Network Solutions. Cloud services are slowly making their way into mainstream business. EMC, HP and IBM are aggressively ... (more)
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