License Fees and Upgrades

Product/Upgrade License Item # Price

24x7 Scheduler, 24x7 Event Server - scheduling, automation, file replication, and system management products

24x7 Scheduler Multi-platform Edition v5 1-server installation license 24X7-50-1 $270.00
site license (unlimited installations) 24X7-50-S $3,900.00
discount for 1-server license upgrade 24X7-50-1U 50%
discount for site license upgrade 24X7-50-SU 50%
24x7 Event Server v2.1 1-computer installation license ES-20-1 $189.00
5-computer installations ES-20-5 $661.50
10-computer installations ES-20-10 $1,134.00
site license (unlimited installations) ES-20-S $2,500.00

SoftTree SQL Assistant - productivity tools for database developers

SQL Assistant v10 Standard Edition 1-user license SQL-60-1SM $214.56
5-user license pack SQL-60-5SM $1,019.16
10-user license pack SQL-60-10SM $1,931.00
1-user license, upgrade from version 9.x SQL-60-USM $160.43
SQL Assistant v10 Professional Edition 1-user license SQL-60-1PM $352.80
5-user license pack SQL-60-5PM $1,675.80
10-user license pack SQL-60-10PM $3,175.00
1-user license, upgrade from version 9.x SQL-60-UPM $263.28
need to upgrade more licenses? CALL

DB Audit for Oracle, Sybase ASE, Sybase ASA, MySQL, IBM DB2, and Microsoft SQL Server - database security and auditing

DB Audit & SEcurity 360 v5.0 1-database-server license (it's called Management Console license for one server)
(1 database server instance)
DBA-40-1 $499.00
additional Report Viewer license
(1 DB Audit user)
DBA-40-R $89.00
SQL Server Performance Auditing Module (1 database server instance) SQLPERF-01 $170.00
5-database-server license DBA-40-5 $2,350.00
10-database-server license DBA-40-10 $4,450.00
20-database-server license DBA-40-20 $8,500.00
Central Repository bundle (Central Repository, Alert Server, DB Audit & Security 360 Web-based Management Console and Reporting) DBA-CR-1 $3,000.00
Enterprise license (unlimited servers; Alert Center and Central Repository included; API and automation included) DBA-40-E CALL